YW168 Fabric Spaying and Laminating Machine (Link)




    *    Continuous spray-coating method.

    *    The fabrics after laminating will become ultra soft, breath able and wash Durable. This machine is especially good for the fabrics with high

          elasticity. Such as jersey, lycra, tricot and visa...etc. Which can get the best laminating performance.

    *    Primarily dried by a heating roller for pressing and ironing, with excellent lamination. 

    *    Equipped with magnetic method of heating and ventilating to increase drying effects, no spark happens owing to the volatilizing of oily air.

    *    Completely equipped with EPC type automatic edge-aligning apparatus for feeding & retrieving materials, laminated edges are well-aligned.

    *    Driven via air cylinder, quick and safe for feeding materials.

    *    High machinery configuration, with auto stress control and fine-tuning function.

    *    Two glue tanks connected for giving continuous pressurized spray-coating, easy to mark-up glue, no need to power off.

    *    Reciprocal moving for 4 or 6 spray guns, 8 guns type is driven by rotating method, set and operated by electric eyes and computer.

    *    Equipped with several fabric-extending wheels, excellent and smooth after being extended.

  YW168 YW668 YW868

1~45 YDS/MIN

EPC Auto across flats unit

3 sets

Air cylinder

8 sets

7 sets

Spray Guns

4 sets

6 sets

8 sets

Size of Heating Roller
Size of Drying Roller

8 kw * 1 set

8 kw* 2 sets

Power of Electric Heating Tube &

Rated Current (Vapor Available)

220V 88A    1.5KW*18=27KW

380V 51A      1KW*6=6KW

DC Motor

(Stepless Variable Speed)

22HP Double-Step Linking-Up, Single-Up

Rated Current 91.3A

Dimensions of Machine (L*W*H)





7,000 kg

7,500 kg

9,000 kg



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