YW150 Automatic Edge Control Winding Machine (Link)

YW250 Automatic Large Type Edge Control Winding Machine

Usage: Usage:

 *  Suitable for rolling up various kind of fabrics before packing and  

     equipped with Pneumatic sensing hydraulic actuating system edge.

 *  Suitable for rolling unfinished cloth and other cloths to be packed in

     large rolls for the processing of dyeing and gluing.

 *  Drive by VS motor stepless and reversible. Hard roll or soft roll is


 *  Equipped with inspection table and measure-counter.
Specification: Specification:
 *  Roller Width: 72"、80"、90".

 *  Roller Width: 80". ( and other special sizes)

 *  Horse power: 1HP VS motor for machine.

 *  Horse power: 5HP *4P*1 set

 *  1/2HP for edge control device.

 *  One set of E.P.C. Snake-like Tracer and of Motor 1/2HP*4P.

 *  Speed: 0~85 yds/m.

 *  Rolling Speed: 0~85 yards with step less changing speed.

 *  Working width: 300mm. (extra size subject to negotiation)

 *  Working width: 1000mm.

 *  Working space: (L)200cm*(W)240cm*(H)220cm.

 *  Operating Area: (L)300cm*(W)270cm*(H)260cm.



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