YW17 Ultrasonic Lace sewing Machine

YW18 Cutaway Winding Machine (Link)

 * Folding the width into half-span for knitted fabric or woven fabrics

    with lint, and then machine it with ultrasonic into cylindrical fabrics.

 * Mount folded fabrics on and have it supported away by one pair of

    steel wheel. Use electric cutter to cut the fabric into 45

 * Use YW18 to cutaway it become 45After winding, use YW16-CH to cut it into strips.

 * Send rolls after winding to YW16-CH for cutting into strips.

 * Use ultrasonic lace sewing machine to melt-sew the edges. No jointing points after cutting.

 * Easy to operate with excellent effects.

 * Clamping wheels driven by air cylinder, with high safety.

 * YW16-CH, YW17, YW18 are altogether as package equipment.
 * Joint-moving for two motors, functioned with fine- tuning.
 * YW16-CH, YW17, YW18 are altogether as package equipment.

YW15-CH Bias-Cutting Machine


*   For cutting any kind of bias of clothing bindings, garments, hats, shoes, gloves and

    plastic leather, may match with YW16-CH for use.

The Way of use:

*   Rerolling cloth on iron cylinder then along the bias of degree 45 cutting cloth become "rhomb";

*   Sewing rhombic cloth edge on edge then reroll to YW16-ch strip cutting Machine to cut

      becoming "bias bindings"

YW16-CH Strip Cutting Machine (Link)  (Link)

 <YW16-CH Reference pictures>   



*  Clothing bindings: for cutting bias, straight and bindings of garments, 

     hats, sports shoes & gloves.

 *  For cutting and slitting soft materials such s lining fabric, tissue,

     EVA, sponge.

<YW18 Reference picture>



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