YW1203-HM Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating Machine (Silicon Press Belt )


 HM Specification:  (Link)                     

laminating materials

EVA+ Fabric (for shoes)


800~1,000Y/ Per hour

Number of Glue Groove


Silicon Press Belt



Electrical heating roll: 1.5KW*15+1KW*6=28.5KW

Motor: 9HP.

Transfer oil heating-recycle machine: 24KW

Dimensions of Machine (L*W*H)



8,000 kg


 Compositions of HM machine

1.Gluing Roll Up Set

2. Electric-heating Roll

3. Cooling Roll Set

4. Transfer oil heating-recycle machine

Hot Melt needs to be melted by using Regular hot melt pre melting machine, and then using pump for liquid HM onto gluing system. In addition, the HM glue should be kept warm,

so the gluing system also includes a transfer oil heating-recycle machine.

Using HM glue for laminating, setting the surface temperature on special degrees. Deliver the laminated materials into the space between heating roller and silicon press belt for drying, ironing and laminating.

It is to improve the high quality of laminating.

Equipping with cooling roller set after dry by heating roller, it not only can improve the capability of absorbing the moisture of air, but also the reaction stickiness of laminated materials.

Equipping wit exclusive transfer oil heating-recycle machine, easy to raise and reduce the temperature; oil recycle quickly, keep the adhesive in constant temperature, ensure the quality of attachment.


5. Cooling water machine

6. Regular hot melt pre melting machine


This equipment including cooling water machine and piping for cooling roller.

This equipment including Regular hot melt pre melting machine and keep warm piping for melt Hot Melt. It can operation by self to added Hot Melt.



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