At the beginning of establishment, main business was manufacturing the machines for footwear,

such as sponge with cloth. Later, was developing the machines for garment, such as TPU film with cloth,

cloth with cloth, cloth with TPU film with cloth (3 in 1), using the PU glue and water-based glue with solvent.

        Since 2002, we concentrated our energy on researching and developing new and special types, using the

R-HM = Reactive – Hot Melt Adhesive. In order to meet market and customers' demands, we researched and

developed some new machines for using a different type of glue : Hot Melt Film from 2008, the machine structure

is more accurate and simple, convenient and easy for operation. Followed the trends and the rising environmental

consciousness, the R-HM with no solvent is the perfect adhesive in clothing materials, garment, automobile at this time.

        Our businesses includes a series of complete services, such as laminating machines operation,

laminating skills guidance and assistance, and laminating glue choosing, usage and cleaning, that can satisfy

demands of customers.



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