The Applications of Laminating Machine

Kinds of glue used for lamination Latex Glue、White Glue、Acrylic Glue、Solvent Based Glue、Reactive Hot-Melt (PUR)、Hot Melt (HM)、Hot Melt Film (HMF).
Materials used for lamination Nylon, polyester mesh, brushed polyester, PVC & PU synthetic leather, jersey, non woven fabric, cambrio,  lycra, canvas, diagonal cloth, card board, felt etc.
Laminates materials for Shoes, hats, gloves, clothing, sports and protection gear, wet suits, diving suits, suit cases, bags, decoration ornaments, construction ornaments, toys, cushions and car seat cushions.


Item Production (Main) Item Production (Main)
1 Reactive Hot-Melt Laminating Machine 7 Adhesive Laminating Machine
2 Hot-Melt Laminating Machine 8 High Speed Three-Ply Belt-type Laminating Machine
3 Hot-Melt Film Laminating Machine 9 Insole Pad Laminating Machine
4 Water Proof Film Laminating Machine 10 Three-Ply Laminating Machine
5 Fabric Spraying Laminating Machine 11 Vertical Laminating Machine
6 High Speed Laminating Machine 12 HorizontalLaminating Machine
Item Production (Add) Item Production (Add)
1 Strip Cutting Machine 6 Cutaway Winding Machine
2 Rough Surface Grinding Machine 7 Ultrasonic Lace sewing Machine
3 Electric-heat jointing Machine 8 Auto Across Flats Re-winder
4  P.V.C Folding Machine 9  Automatic Edge Control Winding Machine
5 Product Inspection Machine 10  Automatic Large Type Edge Control Winding Machine



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